Ask me anything   Submit   Hi my name is Sandrine :) I LOVE hockey, especially Brendan Gallagher & Alex Galchenyuk !! Habs, Hawks, Avs :)


If net crashing was a sport, Brendan Gallagher would win the Olympic gold medal.

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I 100% blame the turtleneck on Plekanec. 


I 100% blame the turtleneck on Plekanec. 

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friendly reminder that if we’re mutuals and you wanna exchange snapchat names or instagram or something you’re more than welcome (encouraged) to shoot me an ask

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Reason why its all okay


we may have lost but;

-We had the 1st and 3rd star of the game

-Gally is fierce as f*ck

-Chuky is going to own this season

-Lars is a healthy muffin

-Carey Price

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I would like to thank Tumblr for helping me realize my love for

  1. Eddie Lack
  2. James Reimer
  3. TJ Oshie
  4. the entire Smith Family
  5. basically the entire NHL with the exception of like 10 players

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And you expect me to be fine after this….
No ! I’m not okay !
I just can’t OMG *__*

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Tell ten things about yourself and then tag ten people.

I already did this but I was tagged again by delaying-the-game 5boysaresavingmylife so I’m gonna do a hockey related one !!

1- My favorite hockey player of all time is Brendan Gallagher

2- My favorite junior team is the Armada of Blainville-Boisbriand (it’s in the QMJHL)

3- Apart from the Habs, my fav team is the Colorado Avalanche

4- The avs are probably my 2nd fav team because Landeskog is my top 3 favorite player !

5- Chuky is my top 2 favourite :)

6- I know the montreal goal song “Le But by Loco Locas” by heart and usually I sing it ( I know useless :P )

7- Hockey is probably the reason why I’m so close of my father !! Even if he’s a bruins fan…. I know, I have to live with a Bruins fan every single day -__-

8- I have 2 favorite players that aren’t old and well known in the NHL yet but both of them have been drafted and one even played in the playoffs against the Habs last year ! So yeah, it’s Cedric Paquette of the Tampabay Lightning and Christopher Clapperton of the Florida Panthers

9- My 2 best hockey memories are last year when the Habs eliminated the Bruins in the 7th game. The other is last week when one of my friend realized one of my dreams cause he invited me to go to the Habs/Avs game !<3

10- I know my hockey better than most guy in my class and probably most guy in my school ;) So no, I’m not a puckbunny !! I just happened to find the players of my favourite sport really attractive <3

So yeah, that’s my hockey life !! Hope you like it !!

I’m tagging 10 people and you can choose to do the 10 facts about you or 10 hockey facts 👍

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